"Thanks to SMRC for helping me to get my licence. I was finding it difficult to get to work, missing my appointments and Melbourne was like a big city that is very difficult to navigate around. But after obtaining my licence through SMRC's On the Road Program, I don’t miss appointments anymore, there's no more early morning wakeup to catch public transport and Melbourne has become a smaller place for me. So I will like to say thank you SMRC for this fantastic opportunity."

Driver Education Program for Refugees

"I was sad before I came to see you, but after meeting you I feel that there is hope. Thank you for your help with the job application and for your patience..."  "It must be very rewarding to help people in the way that you have helped me. Thank you."

Career Pathways program

"The program has given me more confidence at school. I now attend three times a week and know I do better at school because of this. Now I dream to be a lawyer or study medicine to help others."

Homework Support Program client

"The Migrant Resource Centre has provided lots of assistance to us."

Flexible Respite program client