Presentations, info sheets, reports and other publications

A guide for newly arrived young people: Understanding the Victorian Education and Training System (CMYI) (Also available in community languages)

A guide to working with young people who are refugees. (Foundation House)

A Guide to Working with Interpreters (CMYI)

Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP) Resources

Australia's New Afghan Refugees: Context and Challenges. Dr William Maley

Caring for Refugee Patients in General Practice (Foundation House)

Comparative Analysis of South Sudanese Customary Law and Victorian Law (Springvale Monash Legal Service)

Centrelink Info Sheet - Multicultural Service Officers

CMYI South East Homework Support Program (CMYI)

Does age really matter? (CMYI)

Education and Refugee Students from Southern Sudan (Foundation House)

Establishing a women's swimming program (CMYI)

Good Practice Principles for Working with Refugee Young People (CMYI)

Involving Migrant and Refugee Young People in Social and Recreational Activities (CMYI)

Involving Young People: Documenting youth participation strategies for newly-arrived communities (CMYI)

Making Successful Referrals with Refugee Young People and their Families (CMYI)

Opening the school gate - engaging CLD families in schools. A Resource for Teachers. (CMYI)

Refugee Young People and Resettlement (CMYI)

School's In for Refugees - Whole-School Guide to Refugee Readiness (Foundation House)

Strategies to support refugee young people to address key resettlement challenges (SMRC)

Supporting Refugee Students in the Classroom (Drug Info Clearinghouse)

Taking Action: Human Rights and Refugee Issues Teaching Resource (Foundation House)

The Educational Background of Sudanese Refugees: a quick guide for Australian Teachers. Rebecca Atwell

The Education Needs of Young Refugees in Victoria - Refugee Education Partnership Project. (Foundation House, CMYI, Debney Park Secondary College, VicHealth)

Working Together to Build Active, Stronger and Confident Communities - A Resource Guide for Service Providers and Community (South Sudan Development Agency)
Available end of May.
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